a house is not a home without a cat.

i am spoiled rotten. we went to the humane society yesterday so my husband could get me a kitty for valentine's day, and we left intending to adopt two! here they are, little cuties. we applied for adoption, and we are first on the list for both of them. the adoption counselor just has to look over our application and call our apartment complex to make sure we're allowed to have pets. we'll get a call on wednesday telling us whether our adoption is approved, and then we get to go pick them up on saturday!

we originally just went to adopt this little guy. he was perfect - i love orange male cats, and brandon loves long haired cats. we got there right at ten o'clock when they open, and less than 3 minutes later, someone else showed up who was interested in him. but we were there first, so yay! first dibs on little mister. we stayed for about an hour and a half to play with them, and like four other people showed up who wanted to adopt him too! it was crazy. we were really relieved that we came so early.

when we were there, we found out that he has a little sister. we fell in love with her, too. she is so pretty! but she doesn't look anything like him. she is a short-hair, and is gray with black stripes. her little stripes are so perfect, and she has the prettiest face. the two of them were playing together the whole time, and we decided we can't separate them. plus, they'll have each other to be entertained when we're not home. so, we applied to adopt her too. and we're first on the list for her. yay!

there is very little chance that our adoption won't be approved. our apartment complex does allow pets, we don't have any other pets, and we don't intend to let these two outside. we're so excited! the humane society have named them bobby and barbie, but we're renaming them howie and ruby. short for chancellor howard von weasley wilsman and duchess ruby cleopatra sophia wilsman. if you've ever had a cat, you understand the need to give them both a royal name and a cute name.

the best valentine's day ever!

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  1. heh heh. i went to get a kitty at christmas and came home with two. hope things come through soon!