fave commercials of the times. and least faves.

brandon and i watch a lot of t.v. in the winter. it's either that, or freeze our gentleman and lady parts off in the snow. i love t.v. shows. but i generally don't like commercials.

but, time to look on the bright side! inspired by the super bowl commercials, here are my favorite non-bowl commercials:

the commercials rad list:

1. the miller high life commercials with the big dude who confiscates miller from establishments with ridiculous rules. he's hilarious.

2. i don't really LOVE this commercial until the end, but - the one with the men painted greenish-gray off the various American currencies [what's that commercial for??]. not the diaper one, though, the one in the auto repair shop."you also need one of these," as he holds up the dashboard hula dancer. "that is not what i need," says the dude. it's a lot funnier than i make it sound.

3. the subway commercials that rename fast food combos. "i'll take a bucket of please-keep-your-shirt-on." and the ones where people break chairs and their buttons. but NOT the five dollar foot-longs commercials. that song is killer! it was once stuck in my head for four days.

4. i particularly enjoy the progressive commercials with the weird sales lady named flo. brandon hates them. oh well.

5. i'll add more as i see them. i'm having issues remembering commercials right now, which is probably a good thing. except these following ones, which i particularly HATE:

the commercial suck list:

1. the glade commercials with the idiotic lady who lies about her candles and always gets caught. geez. get a life. no one cares if your candles are chic or not.

2. the OTHER air freshener commercials, with the cartoon animals who are like people who live in houses. seriously - how could an elephant EVER be married to a centipede? think about it. it's just not possible. and i want to smash that frog lady.

3. and how about every lame car commercial ever. they are all lame. and too loud. and so predictable. and there's no way i'm buying a new car any time soon in this economy.

4. i'm sure i'll think of more of these, too. feel free to contribute.


  1. flo sucks. brandon is objectively correct on this one. See you soon :]

  2. I hate the zyrtec comecials where the lady is like "You know that song time in a bottle? Well I've got time in a bottle..." then she holds up her zyrtec. just because it works faster than other allergy medicines she says she gets three more hours of her life back every day. So that only kind of makes sense, which annoys me!

  3. oh my gosh, wendy, GOOD ONE!! i totally hate that commercial too. it's the worst. i also hate the zyrtec one with the lady who smirks the whole time looking really cutsie saying "have you heard the news about zyrtec?" ugh.

  4. haha and the one where she is half indside and half outside with her cat! and she's like, "i have indoor AND outdoor allergies!" bleh and her voice is annoying and it plays all the time!