6 1/2 weeks in.

I love being pregnant. It's amazing knowing that the Lord is forming a human being inside me, a human being he already knows and loves and has a plan for. In fact, he was speaking about my baby before I even knew the baby existed. My grandfather announced to my family at Easter dinner in Evansville (before I had even taken the pregnancy test to confirm I was pregnant up here in Indianapolis) that there is a baby in the family. Apparently, for two weeks prior to Easter, he had been walking around the house telling my grandma that someone in the family was going to have a baby, they just didn't know it yet.

I feel so blessed to be able to carry this child who is already making an impact.

At the same time, I am scared to death. Not of being a parent - honestly, no way. I have always dreamed of being a mommy. I was made for this. I am constantly afraid that I am going to lose the baby or that something bad is going to happen to me now that I'm pregnant. I'm so scared of actually delivering the baby, too - ouch! But I need to trust God - no matter what happens, he is in control. Why is that so hard to remember?


a week full of blessings.

last Tuesday, Brandon & I closed on our very first home. it's a one story brick bungalow with 3 bedrooms & 2 full bath rooms, all brick & across the street from the park. it's a total dream come true.

then, on Sunday:

we found out that I am pregnant! whew. :) i had to take 3 to really give myself permission to get excited, because, as you can see, the 2nd lines are REALLY faint on the first 2. we are thrilled beyond belief with our little sweet pea!

i'm currently 5 weeks along, and feeling really pretty good - besides a little tiredness & feeling incredibly hungry. my first prenatal appointment isn't until May 14th, because they can't hear the baby's heartbeat until then, and i'm due on December 12th. :)

it can't go fast enough! i can't wait to hold my precious little baby. after he/she is fully gestated, of course.