6 1/2 weeks in.

I love being pregnant. It's amazing knowing that the Lord is forming a human being inside me, a human being he already knows and loves and has a plan for. In fact, he was speaking about my baby before I even knew the baby existed. My grandfather announced to my family at Easter dinner in Evansville (before I had even taken the pregnancy test to confirm I was pregnant up here in Indianapolis) that there is a baby in the family. Apparently, for two weeks prior to Easter, he had been walking around the house telling my grandma that someone in the family was going to have a baby, they just didn't know it yet.

I feel so blessed to be able to carry this child who is already making an impact.

At the same time, I am scared to death. Not of being a parent - honestly, no way. I have always dreamed of being a mommy. I was made for this. I am constantly afraid that I am going to lose the baby or that something bad is going to happen to me now that I'm pregnant. I'm so scared of actually delivering the baby, too - ouch! But I need to trust God - no matter what happens, he is in control. Why is that so hard to remember?

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  1. Speak Psalm 91 over your belly. =) Love you.