i don't know why i created this blog.

but i did. so i will write.

i'm sick, and bored. [oh, THAT'S why i created this blog]. i've been watching too much tv. know what i've noticed? practically every commercial makes men look like complete idiots. is this where feminism has brought us? seriously, just pay attention. there is a plethora of media advertising with women exasperated with their bozo husbands.

i am a feminist, though. but i like men. there are very few men in my life who are actually idiots. i like having them around. and my husband is a gem. i just happen to believe that i am equally as intelligent.

why do people want to buy things marketed by stupid men and their bitchy wives?


  1. For the record we have come to the conclusion that it was because we were watching TV that was directed torwards women exclusively.. style networks..

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  3. ha you're right! I recently saw a commercial where the wife walks into the kitchen and her husband and kids appear to have dumped all the food out on the counter while trying to cook! then the wife just smiles and cleans it up for them with a clorox wipe. Everything kept implying how stupid the husband was.